[Solved] - WAMP and Windows 8 - Your port 80 is actually used!


If you see "Your port 80 is actually used" error in your windows 8 here is the solution.

The simple reason behind that would be, IIS.

If you turn off IIS , it would solve the problem.

Got to "Control Panel"
If the view is in classic mode, click "System And Security" and select "Administrative Tools"
Else select "Administrative Tools".
and double click "Component Services" icon.
select "Services (LOCAL)" from leftside pane.
Now, we are going to stop IIS here.
If you are sure you want to use WAMP and not IIS, disable the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" and the "Web Deployment Agent Service".

If it doesn't work, check whether you installed skype on your computer.


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