What is a naked domain? - Naked Domain,Top Level Domain and subdomain Explained!


What is a naked domain?  

Naked domains are those domains without a WWW in front of it.
for example : domain.com is a naked domain where www.domain.com is a top level domain,
and blog.domain.com com is a sub-domain and not naked.

Quick Samples for named Domain, Top Level Domain and Sub Domain

aslamise.com - Naked or bare domain
www.aslamise.com - Top level domain - Not Naked
apps.aslamise.com - Sub-domain - Not Naked

Does it affect SEO to point my site to naked domain?

It Doesn't matter which one you pick but you should be consistent on it.
Because search engines consider both as different sites.


Which should I choose? Naked Domain or Top level Domain?

Some says that using naked domain is better. and some other says its just time consuming so they are avoiding it.

Arguments for using WWW :

WWW does mean something - That means WWW is a host name, and it defines the service being used computer  network.

Using WWW allows to easily understand the file structure in website.

More flexibility with DNS - Zone records of your domain, controls the traffic to your site. and using the non WWW version of your site can make things complicated.

Cookies Problem - If you are using a naked domain, your cookies are sent to all your sub domains.
but if you use WWW, it wouldn't happen.

An Argument for not using WWW is that, as n no-www.org  quotes, using WWW is waste of time because without WWW , address is shorter.

The point is that you should stick with your choice.

Once you made your decision on that, to overcome duplicate content issues, you can set up canonical URL.

Set your preferred domain as the canonical link and redirect to that when accessing the other URL.

Here is How you can redirect from naked domain(NON WWW) to WWW.


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