Installing Drupal - Step by step tutorial


In this Drupal tutorial, i will explain how to download and install Drupal.


Drupal package
Development server with php and mysql

For this tutorial, i have used wamp server in my windows 7 OS.

Lets begin!

Download Drupal package

Download latest bundle

Extract bundle to any folder inside your server

for testing in local, i have extracted to C:/wamp/www/study/drupal/site/

so i can access it in my web browser using localhost/study/drupal/site/

Open browser and access installation.

You can see the page titled as "Select an installation profile".

Select standard and click on save and continue button.

Select language (built in language English) and click continue.

In next page, you can see panel for configuring database.

Fill-in database information

If you have not yet setup database,lets do it now!

Go to your phpmyadmin


and create database // drupal //. you can name database as you wish but you will have to point out it in installation.

Now that we have filled-in our database informations. and click on continue.

After the progress is complete next page will ask you to configure your site!

Click on save and continue button. and if everything worked fine, it will show you installation complete page. like in figure below.

visit your new site.

Thats it! You have successfully completed your drupal installation!


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